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Nurture Your Emotional Health

What is keeping you from living the life you truly desire?


Is it obsessive thoughts about day to day stress?

Maybe guilt and shame from social interactions? Perhaps fears of losing control?

What about a constant state of anxiety that you are enough?

Or your relationship with yourself has taken an unhealthy turn?

Deepwater Wellness will cultivate wellness and personal growth.


Therapy for children and teens designed around strength based communication and fresh perspectives.

Therapy for individuals specifically tailored to help clients explore challenges and cultivate wellness in daily lives.

Therapy for individuals focusing on the process of self expression to help develop a deeper understanding of experiences and emotions.

Want to learn more? 
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I offer a free 20 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.

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Please note that email should not be used in crisis situations.

If you are in crisis please call the King County Crisis Line at

866-427-4747 or call 911.

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